Real life seriously interfered with my blogging. But, here we go.

I love all things gingerbread. My kitchen is decorated in a gingerbread theme. I found this:


at a thrift shop. The big platter and the three smaller ones were a set. So were the two small dishes. The gingerbread man and Christmas tree molds are still in their original package.

Our house, which we took over buying when my mom died, has a sun porch built on beyond the kitchen, and it has two windows that now look out onto the porch. I’m trying to convince my husband to turn the one by our table into a series of shelves for my gingerbread goodies, as I’m rapidly running out of room to put them!



Hi everyone! I hope you’ll like it here. You know, once I get it off the ground.

As I say in my profile, my name is Randie, I am from Georgia, happily married to my soul mate, and I love crafts, yard sales, thrift shops, flea markets, reading, gardening and photography.

In theory, this will be a place I will post pictures of yard sale/flea market/thrift shop finds, and craft projects. I love old things, and re-purposing used things.

Comments are welcome. I only ask that you are polite and respectful of myself and others. I want this to be a political and religion-free space – in other words, hopefully a conflict-free blog. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

I work four days a week, and with everything else I have to do, time is precious,  but I hope to post a minimum of once a week.

Hope to “see” you soon!